What dream do YOU want to make into a visual reality?

About Us


Growing and changing as we move through life is something we all do. We are always looking for a way to capture and preserve that perfect memory in our lives, before it fades away. Art and artwork are the means in which we visually live, and they can also help to convey our emotions and memories when words will not do.


The training in photography, printing and in the presentation arts that I have received over the years has enabled me to create a unique way to transition feelings and memories gathered from everyday life into the more visually enhanced life we live. My goal is to be able to recreate your feelings and memories in a manner that allows them to shift into from "fantasy" to reality through my skills in the art of photography, and a collaboration of your dreams and ideas.


As a photographer, we are always seeking a certain aspect of art through creativity in order to bring to life the vision of what we see in front of us. With our training, the creativity, and the means to accomplish bringing your dreams and memories into a more visual sphere, we at Avenlea Road can help to "create" the perfect artwork specifically for you.



At Avalein Rd Photography, we take you on a creative road trip to find what you have always been looking for. We offer an interview prior to the photoshoot in order to find the visual art imagery that you are seeking through my skills as a photographer. This vision is attainable with the right tools. I use Sony mirrorless camera systems and high quality Ziess lenses, which when used together and in conjunction with my skills, can create a wonderful vivid color or monochrome look to photos. I have found this to produce a much sharper result than can be achieved with either Canon or Nikon.


Avalein Rd Photography can frame, matte, glaze (glass of acrylic), and deliver all the accepted artwork of your choice, or select individual photos if you would rather use as well. I am well-trained in the art of framing, and I back all my work with a money back guarantee. I can also frame other works as well. Various sizes from 11x17 framed up to 24x36 are available


If you just want prints, I can do that for you as well. I can add a few colourful touches, the protection of a backing board and sleeve just for you. Prints are available in 11”x14” up to 17”x22” sizes, and are printed on Iford or Hahnmulhe fiber paper Ask these questions of yourself: Can you clearly visualize your memory? Is it based in art or is it more based in artwork? What if this could be made tangible? What if Avonlea Road could make that happen within a photo? This is what Avalein Road is all about, and this is what we can do for you.




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